Youtube Pulling Videos vs. Local Folks Pulling Them

I understand the copyright laws that required the youtube folks to pull down my recent KO video of last nights fight.  UFC owns the footage and people tried to avoid that copyright…including myself, by adding that recent video.

I still wonder who enforced the recent take down of the other youtube videos I wrote about regarding the Pahoa School Fights that were happening.  I can only assume the fights are still happening w/out the videos for some reason.

Is there a law on the books that states that kids can’t report what they see at their public schools?

If “punaboi” is facing repercussions for posting his videos on youtube…. I sure would like to know about it.

My address is posted on this site…so if you are reading this, Punaboi, feel free to contact me.

I’d like to hear your side of the story.

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