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    September 2008
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The Questions Posed at the Debate

The questions posed at todays debate were asked by members of Friends of Puna Future and Pahoa Main Street Association.  A committee ciphered through the questions and decided which questions would be asked.  There were more questions on the list, however, with limited time they could only get in the following questions.

  • How involved were you in the Puna Community Development Plan process? And if elected, how would you support implementation of the CDP? Please be specific in each part of the question.
  • Recent figures from the county’s Finance Department show that Puna’s tax base is the third largest in the County and the largest in East Hawaii , and considering Puna’s ranking as the fastest growing district in the County, what will you do to insure that Puna gets it fair share of county funds?
  • How do you see the future of medical care in the 5th Council District? What would you do as Council member to improve the level of medical care available in Puna?
  • What are your initiatives for improving and expanding the recreational opportunities for our families and especially our youth in Puna makai?
  • How should the county solve its solid waste problem?


One candidate specific question was asked of each:

  • (EMILY) Do you have any regrets about your first two years in office? Would you have done anything differently?
  • (JOSEPH) If you could not overcome the corporation counsel’s control of the Ethics Board in four years, how can you be an effective and strong advocate for Puna over the next two years.
  • (STOCKSDALE) At various forums and public speaking opportunities you have said yourself that you were unprepared for some of the questions you were asked. How can you assure voters that you will be prepared to represent them adequately over the next two years?
  • (GUMAPAC) How can voters be assured that the agenda you set as a County Councilman would be in the best of all Puna residents and not the Kanaka Council?
  • (SAFARIK) Why should voters return you to office now after rejecting you soundly in the last election? What evidence can you provide that anything has changed?


  • What are your views on the enforcement of laws that restrict and regulate the use of marijuana, and on the use of helicopters in the enforcement of marijuana laws?
  • What are your ideas to improve public transportation in Puna Makai?
  • What is your view of the future of geothermal energy development in Puna to serve the energy needs of the Big Island ?

I might be emailing some of the questions that were left off directly to the candidates.

BigIslandVideoNews will be posting the footage of the event soon enough.

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