Palin at UH HILO… Why Doubt?

Today’s Tribune Herald has more on the possible Palin UH HILO link:

While school officials have no record that Palin ever enrolled at UHH, they concede it is a possibility…

My question is, why is there any doubts?

Who would possibly put down UH HILO as one of their schools if it wasn’t true?

It’s not like it’s some world class institution or something… Not to knock UH HILO.

I myself refused to go there because of the lack of programs and classes available and instead went to UH Manoa.

I doubt Palin would have known the following:

Retired UHH registrar Patrick Omori confirmed that students who stayed three weeks or less were expunged from school records.

“You needed to be in classes for three weeks before withdrawing. If they withdrew prior to those three weeks, we wipe out the record,” he said….

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