Palin Spokesperson Confirms She Went to UH HILO

Yesterday I wrote about VP Candidate Sarah Palin attending UH Hilo.

It has been confirmed.

…In an e-mailed message today, Palin’s spokeswoman Maria Comella confirmed Palin attended four colleges, including the two in Hawai’i and two in Idaho, but did not include the fifth school that the biography lists, Matanuska-Susitna College in Palmer, Alaska….

2 Responses

  1. I have to agree with Smith on this one, Damon. Just because Palin’s spokesman agrees with an autobiography that makes a claim, doesn’t mean it’s true. A confirmation can only come from the school itself. It does give the Advertiser an excuse to publish a fake story, though, like most of their “breaking news.”

    Damon – Where you been lurking observer… Hey geez people… I’m new to blogging… I can’t help if I’m just a messenger of things at times.

  2. Umm, “confirmed” is a bit of a strong word here, especially since there’s no record at UHH. As you posited yesterday, she may have decided to mosey on pre-registration.

    Damon – Ok whats the scoop Mr. Smith. I trust you know something that the Advertiser doesn’t? I was just reposting what the Advertiser was “Confirming”.

    I already had speculation as you noted.

    I’m wondering if she registered under her maiden name, Sarah Louise Heath, and the registrar was only looking for Palin? Who know’s… It is an interesting Big Island link to the race this year if it does pan out to be true…

    If she is fudging her education… this story could pan out to be bigger then expected.

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