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Hawaii to Participate in Study on “Plug-In” Cars from the Idaho National Laboratory

Hawaii is going to be one of the pilot states for these “Plug-In” cars.

Hybrid Converted to Plug-In

Hybrid Converted to Plug-In

…The work is being done as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity program, which is placing plug-in cars in a variety of cities around the nation and gathering information from them…

…By the end of the year, the Energy Department plans to have 140 plug-ins for the INL to analyze, including cars in California, Arizona, Hawaii and New York….

INL analysts will track electricity use, average and top speeds, miles per charge, and how long it takes to recharge the cars.  Stricker said it’s unclear how long the study will last…

I’ve just written an Email to them asking to be one of the recipients;)

For a more detailed report you can check out the Press Release from the INL here.

2 Responses

  1. The Idaho National Laboratory has a lot of other environmentally friendly projects. The Web site is http://www.inl.gov but there is also a channel at YouTube.


    I would suggest the “Motion to Energy M2E” or “Harvesting the Sun’s Energy” videos.

    Damon – Thanks Tom… you would know wouldn’t you.

  2. Ok this is crazy, I live about 80 miles from the I.N.L. I have to drive by it to shop in Idaho falls, since I live in Salmon.
    Why in the hell, do I have to find out whats going on their, From Hawaii, And why are they not letting us test these vehicles, God knows we have some of the most extreme weather conditions, on the planet, anywhere from -45 to 105, not to mention some of the worst roads, as uasual we poor suckers in Idaho get jipped on just about everything, They have made unsafe for us to be in our own back yard, thanks to the 3000 wolves we have which come into town and eat peoples pets, Now they have put Grizzly bears back in but are keeping their mouths shut about it. they learned that from re-introducing the wolves. Their roadless inititive is giving the forest service control of shutting down the roads into the wilderness, I moved here for the wilderness, but now cant wait to get my but to the Big Island, And hey maybe I will get to test one of those new cars.

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