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Cartoon on Bishop’s Blog Stirs Emotion and Reference to the Massie Rape

Yesterday, Hunter Bishop posted a cartoon by local artist/cartoonist Greg Henkel that has raised a few comments regarding racism.

My comment to some of the other posters was:

Come on people… the truth hurts.
Most of Henkels comics are a reflection of how many of us do view things.
I wouldn’t put this on him personally or Hunter for posting it… we need to look at how we can bridge the gap so that we can actually laugh at comics like this… NO MATTER WHAT RACE WE ARE.

Hunter weighed in today with more thoughts on the cartoon and one statement stands out to me:

…We need to recognize these differences and get beyond them if we can, and I think a cartoon like this helps do that…

People have been writing cartoons for centuries.  They have always been a tool to bring about emotions that often people don’t want to write about.  You know I say this all the time…. a picture is worth a thousand words.

Last year there was a big fit about this cartoon:

And if you really want to see how far we have come along…

Look at this cartoon from back in the Sixties:

For people to insinuate that Hunter or Greg are “Racist” or anything of the like is friggin ridiculous.

It’s a comic people… get out and laugh…. And if it really gets your panties in a bunch… then you might want to think about why?


An interesting quote was made in the comments of Hunter’s Blog:

…Now Hunter, before you try to pull the absurd card in saying there is no link between that cartoon and the political cartoons of the Massie era then you need to go do some research. Being a word man, you may just want to read some of the articles. And not just the articles from the Haole-owned Honolulu Advertiser, but I’m talking about Massie articles from major American publications….

So for those of you that don’t know about the Massie Rape case you can read about it here:

And how is this cartoon that kind of resembles Mr. Henkels cartoon:

1931 cartoon suggesting that the alleged rape of Thalia Massie
was part of a larger pattern of native violence against white women.

One Response

  1. Some people see sublime racial messages in every article, caricature and even political statement that they don’t like. What’s next – the Humor Police.

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