Giraffes Soon To Rip Up Shipman Lands

Ok…sorry for the misleading headline.

As an assitant coach to my son’s soccer team… we decided to let the kids decide on their team name…

Well we are now the Giraffes by popular demand.

I’ll do anything to keep these kids happy and if Giraffes is the name they want for their team…then the “GIRAFFES” we are.

Kids… you gotta love em…. we did offer them other choices…. Tigers, Dogs and Peacocks were the other options….

So all you AYSO parents out there…. look out for the mighty mighty Giraffes!

Just playing parents… it is all about having fun with the kids…. If they wanna be the giraffes…then we decided that would be the team!  Let the kids decide people… because it is all about the kids….

I have to admit… me and the head coach had a laugh that we are now coaching the “Mighty Giraffes”.

It’s all about the kids…that’s all that matters.

The relationship to Shipman… well geez… that’s where my giraffes practice and play at, is Shipman field in Keaau.

Taxi Cab Driver Convicted of Attempted Murder… I Met the Victim the Night of the Accident!

Ok… I’m not going to be quiet about this.

A local taxi cab driver has recently been convicted for life in prison for running over Ryan Foth.

When I was living on Oahu, I happened upon Ryan Foth staying at the Hawaiian Monarch Hotel about 8 hours after this event.

The buggah was getting drunk and trying to hit on some Japanese tourists and exploiting what had happened to him just earlier that day in an attempt at what I felt, was an attempt to get sympathy from the Japanese tourists.  (I used to go to the Monarch for their Pizza Specials as I lived right across the Ala Wai from the place)

I myself think this taxi cab driver is guilty as charged… however, if I had been pulled on to witness stand… I would have said that Ryan Foth was boasting to people at the bar about a possible lawsuit.

I don’t like it when people are wrongly accused of things… I can’t judge character on either people because I didn’t see the event.

I did bump into Foth less then 8 hours after the event… and damn… his injuries certainly didn’t look life threatening.

I was just a casual bystander nearly 8 – 10 hours after the event…. but I do remember Foth boasting about how he was going to “sue the f***” out of the cab driver.

A Kenoi “Violation” Letter Sent to Me… People, I’m Not the Media!

Geez, I wonder how I get wrapped up into things… i get maybe 400-500 people visiting my blog a day… this is a very small percentage of people that live here.

A reader of local blogs and newspapers sent out an email to those that would listen…

I listen to anything and print almost anything.

I hope this isn’t some smear attempt however, Kay, did provide her email and contact as well as photos of what she is talking about.


I am a citizen of Hawaii County, and I was very disturbed to see Hawaii Mayoral Candidate Billy Kenoi sign waving while parked illegally.  In the area that he was parked, I counted about 10 no parking signs.  I’ve been following all the local media on his recent issues, and although I am a bit skeptic of some of the information I read, I cannot discount his past brushes with the law.  What bothers me, is that my cousin received an $80 ticket during mother’s day weekend for parking and selling flowers at the same spot that Billy Kenoi was parked.  It is obvious that it is against law to park in that area due to the number of signs in that area, but yet Billy Kenoi seems to not care about it.  I stopped to take a few pictures today, and the most disturbing part is that a Hawaii Police Officer drove by and did nothing but wave to him.  The photos are attached in case you have any use for this.  I feel that every citizen of this county should have equal rights, even if they may be the next mayor of the Big Island.  I am hesitant to vote for someone who has no regard for our laws.  Thank you for your time, Kay.

She sent along 3 pictures…. I’m only going to try and link this one.

My reply… is lady… if your worried so much about parking and campaign violations that you stop and take pictures of this event… You need to move on.

I see campaign violations all the time… but emailing me… a peddly dude that just started blogging about your complaints isn’t gonna go far.

When will readers of my blog realize that sending me their complaints about something isn’t going to solve anything?

I wish you the best blog reader Kay… but please remember… I’m just a damn dude that is trying to learn how to blog without pissing everyone off all of the time.

Pilago Meet and Talk Story In Na’alehu September 8th

Two Adults Charged, Two Teens Released Pending Robbery in HPP… One Adult in Limbo?

I don’t know how many of you check the Advertisers Breaking news… but I just caught this:

Big Island police yesterday charged two men with allegedly robbing four campers early Monday at Kaloli Point in Puna’s Hawaiian Paradise Park…

But when you look at the actual police records here:

We find the Advertiser didn’t mention the other adult that was arrested.

Hawaii County police are investigating a robbery reported early Monday morning (September 1) in Puna.

At 12:42 a.m., Puna patrol officers responded to Kaloli Point in Hawaiian Paradise Park, where three men and a woman reported that while camping at Kaloli Point, multiple male suspects had approached their tents asking for money. The victims said the suspects became aggressive and threatened to cause them bodily harm. One of the suspects was seen holding a bat.

The victims were able to leave the campsite and go to a nearby home to call the police.

Upon arriving at the scene, police made checks of the area and located the suspects.

Officers arrested 18-year-old Damien Bentosino, 19-year-old John Iopa, 18-year-old Kawa Salas and two 17-year-old boys.

On Monday afternoon, Hilo detectives charged Iopa and Salas with second-degree robbery. They were each being held at the Hilo police cellblock in lieu of $2,000 bail.The other individuals were released pending further investigation.

I guess Bentosino is lucky… or something that his name wasn’t announced in the  Advertiser article.

Cartoon on Bishop’s Blog Stirs Emotion and Reference to the Massie Rape

Yesterday, Hunter Bishop posted a cartoon by local artist/cartoonist Greg Henkel that has raised a few comments regarding racism.

My comment to some of the other posters was:

Come on people… the truth hurts.
Most of Henkels comics are a reflection of how many of us do view things.
I wouldn’t put this on him personally or Hunter for posting it… we need to look at how we can bridge the gap so that we can actually laugh at comics like this… NO MATTER WHAT RACE WE ARE.

Hunter weighed in today with more thoughts on the cartoon and one statement stands out to me:

…We need to recognize these differences and get beyond them if we can, and I think a cartoon like this helps do that…

People have been writing cartoons for centuries.  They have always been a tool to bring about emotions that often people don’t want to write about.  You know I say this all the time…. a picture is worth a thousand words.

Last year there was a big fit about this cartoon:

And if you really want to see how far we have come along…

Look at this cartoon from back in the Sixties:

For people to insinuate that Hunter or Greg are “Racist” or anything of the like is friggin ridiculous.

It’s a comic people… get out and laugh…. And if it really gets your panties in a bunch… then you might want to think about why?


An interesting quote was made in the comments of Hunter’s Blog:

…Now Hunter, before you try to pull the absurd card in saying there is no link between that cartoon and the political cartoons of the Massie era then you need to go do some research. Being a word man, you may just want to read some of the articles. And not just the articles from the Haole-owned Honolulu Advertiser, but I’m talking about Massie articles from major American publications….

So for those of you that don’t know about the Massie Rape case you can read about it here:

And how is this cartoon that kind of resembles Mr. Henkels cartoon:

1931 cartoon suggesting that the alleged rape of Thalia Massie
was part of a larger pattern of native violence against white women.

Today’s KO

Not for the faint at heart:


Pilago Bill on GMO Taro in Hawaii County to go Before Council on September 9th

I just got word from the Hawaii Seed Organization, that Angel Pilago’s bill on GMO Taro Ordinance will be going before the Council next Tuesday,  September 9th @10:30 on the Kona Side.

*Update* I deleted the quote that was here previously, I will post the actual bill when I receive it.

Hawaii Rural Water Association (HRWA)

Here in Hawaii we rely so much upon the county for our utilities.  A new group called the Hawaii Rural Water Association (HRWA) has recently been founded here in Hawaii.

…According to Duncan, the training will pave the way for the creation of the Hawaii Rural Water Association. Hawaii is the last state to organize such a group and Duncan said they are now better prepared to do so.

“With the addition of the HRWA we are confident that rural water will meet the needs in assisting systems with their future endeavors,” he said…

I just looked at the National RWA map… and it hasn’t been updated to show the Hawaii group as of yet.

More here

Cheech and Chong Add More Dates to Tour… Still No Hawaii

I wrote a letter a few weeks ago to the tour manager of the upcoming Cheech and Chong tour requesting that they add PUNA, Hawaii to their tour.

No word directly back from them, however, did get news today that they are adding 3 more shows on the mainland:

Click on Banner for more info.

50 Years of IHOP – Conference Celebrated in Hawaii for a Reason

Last week more than 1,000 members of the IHOP family, including IHOP franchisees and vendor partners, at its annual National Franchise Conference (NFC) last week in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

…It was fifty years ago this summer when the original “I” that made the world flip was founded in Toluca Lake, Calif. by brothers Al and Jerry Lapin. Inspired by tales of coconut syrup in Hawaii, the brothers embarked upon an entrepreneurial endeavor that quickly became a national staple with its golden pancakes and family-friendly atmosphere…