Renewable Energy Plan Scrapped for Commonwealth Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

As Hawaii moves towards looking into alternative energy and renewable energy solutions, we need to learn my other places mistakes:

The Commonwealth Utilities Corp. has canceled efforts to obtain renewable energy sources for the CNMI…

…The administration has touted the alternative energy project as a step toward reducing CUC’s dependence on fossil fuel and helping end the Commonwealth’s power woes.

The project also would have helped CUC comply with the law, which requires green energy to constitute at least 10 percent of the total energy produced by CUC by the end of 2008. Under the same law, CUC must double its alternative energy generation every two years until it reaches 80 percent in 2014.

But as with CUC’s previous effort to privatize its power system, the green energy project failed because of an irregular procurement process…

Proposals from six different companies on island and elsewhere around the globe were rejected as a result of CUC’s decision. The companies that submitted proposals were New Seoul Corp. and Commonwealth Industrial Supply Co. Inc., both located on Saipan; OCCEES Ocean Engineering & Energy Systems in Hawaii; Leminiscate Investment LLC in Florida; United Systems Engineering Co. Ltd. in Taiwan; and Lucid Energy Technologies LLC in Indiana…

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