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Candidate Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph on the Mynah Bird Show TODAY



I’ve received notice that 5th District Candidate Wayne Joseph will be on the Radio TODAY, Wednesday, Sept. 3, during the Mynah Bird Show, KHBC AM 1060 or FM 92.7 at 8:05 am.

Candidate Joseph will have 15 minutes to say anything and will use his time to tell listeners why he thinks he is the best candidate for County Council District 5.

EBT “Food Stamps” at Farmers Market?

Is EBT accepted by vendors at the Maku’u Farmers Market?  I’ve never seen them being used.

I just noticed that Foodstamps are being accepted as a form of tender at this Bellingham, Washington farmers market.

They had to fight the government for a long time to finally be allowed to accept them at the farmers market.

I don’t have an EBT card and I know the economy here sucks so much that it seems like everyone but me has one.

I think it would be a good idea if  people could somehow use their EBT cards to get some scripts or something for goods purchased at Farmers Market.

Youtube Challenge: When Will Our Local Politicians Begin Using Youtube?

I’ll post any candidates youtube message on my blog.

I noticed that many candidates in the mainland have begun to use youtube as a simple means to get out their ideas.

I challenge local politicians to make a simple clip and upload it to youtube.  Send me the link… and I’ll go from there.

I’ll actually make a special link just for Candidates youtube videos if I receive one…or more.

I see an Oahu candidate has clued in:


First Wind on Maui Faces Mainland Bribery Charges

From the Molokai Times:

First Wind, a wind energy company that has pledged $50 million to help buy Molokai Ranch lands, is under investigation on the mainland for allegations of improper dealings with public officials and anti-competitive practices….

More Here

30 Orphans Coming to Hawaii from Cambodia for Vacation

I feel sorry for kids that are orphans and I’m glad that my mother was a strong mother and was able to raise me as a single-parent.

Thirty “Orphaned Kids” from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, will have the trip of their lifetime for the next couple weeks.

…Funded by the online organisation Email Foster Parents International (EFPI), 30 children are to fly to Hawaii today where they will stay for two weeks, performing traditional Khmer dances for audiences across the American state…

…”We’re going to the zoo, aquarium and surfing,” he said. “They’re going to be performing in three high schools, so they have the chance to sit in some classes.”…

More Here

Today’s KO

Wrong Place, Wrong Time


Those Effing Sirens

The civil defense sirens startle  me every time!  I know we need them… but my feeling is that when we really do need them… Everyone is just gonna say there they go again..

Remember the Fable of the “Little boy who called wolf”…. Well it did have a lesson to be learned.

Effing sirens… they startle me everytime…  I remember when I first moved here… I literally thought we were having another Pearl Harbor incident…until someone told me they go off like that once a month.

Effing sirens!

Shall the Age Qualification for the Office of Governor and Office of Lieutenant Governor Be Reduced From Thirty Years of Age to Twenty-Five Years of Age?: The Poll

There is a bill that voters will have to decide upon come November:

Senate SB No. 966


This question will be asked on the Ballots come November:

“Shall the age qualification for the office of governor and office of lieutenant governor be reduced from thirty years of age to twenty-five years of age?”

I myself think if your able to serve in the Military you should be able to run for any office (age 18)

I’d definately put Marzi in Office before Lingle ;)  But then again… he wouldn’t be eligible because he is only 23.

[polldaddy poll=”899633″]

Hawaii and Dubai Piloting Western Union “Send Money Through Your Phone Program”

Technology just keeps getting better and better:

Globe Telecom Inc. has joined the overseas remittance business with a tie-up with global money transfer firm Western Union that will allow users to send and receive money from abroad through their mobile phones…

…“This is a very efficient and convenient way of sending money back to the Philippines,” Maniego-Eala said, adding that the affordability of the mobile money transfers would allow more people to send more frequent, low-principal transactions back home…

The service is initially available in Hawaii and Dubai, as part of Western Union’s pilot program, but the Gcash head said that she was expecting the service to be rolled out in other cities and countries as the service gains wider acceptance…

Now if I could just figure out how to upload pictures from my cell phone to my computer… I would be happy;)

Thirty Meter Telescope: The Poll

Aaron Stene wrote a piece yesterday on his blog about the Thirty Meter Telescope project.

This morning, he asked if I would run a poll on my blog.

I don’t have as much vested interest in this as he does.  I pretty much am divided on a few issues.

So here is the Poll and you can only vote once:

[polldaddy poll=”899229″]

Renewable Energy Plan Scrapped for Commonwealth Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

As Hawaii moves towards looking into alternative energy and renewable energy solutions, we need to learn my other places mistakes:

The Commonwealth Utilities Corp. has canceled efforts to obtain renewable energy sources for the CNMI…

…The administration has touted the alternative energy project as a step toward reducing CUC’s dependence on fossil fuel and helping end the Commonwealth’s power woes.

The project also would have helped CUC comply with the law, which requires green energy to constitute at least 10 percent of the total energy produced by CUC by the end of 2008. Under the same law, CUC must double its alternative energy generation every two years until it reaches 80 percent in 2014.

But as with CUC’s previous effort to privatize its power system, the green energy project failed because of an irregular procurement process…

Proposals from six different companies on island and elsewhere around the globe were rejected as a result of CUC’s decision. The companies that submitted proposals were New Seoul Corp. and Commonwealth Industrial Supply Co. Inc., both located on Saipan; OCCEES Ocean Engineering & Energy Systems in Hawaii; Leminiscate Investment LLC in Florida; United Systems Engineering Co. Ltd. in Taiwan; and Lucid Energy Technologies LLC in Indiana…

More here.

Third Set of Varroa Mites Found on the Big Island

The state Department of Agriculture says it found more varroa mite bee parasites near Hilo Bay.

State officials said yesterday 24 mites were found on bees in a trap Friday. It is the third detection of the mites on the Big Island. The trap was within a half-mile of the other traps where mites were detected near Banyan Drive…..

In a previous post, I showed the link to the Video of the Big Island problem.

Uncles Guitar Returned

I mentioned last week that Uncle Ledward’s Guitar was stolen.

I’m very happy to read in the Starbulletin this morning that it has been returned.

…The thief apparently contacted a friend of singer Robi Kahakalau to sell the guitar, said Sharon Kaapana. The friend bought it for $150 but realized it was Kaapana’s guitar. She told Kahakalau, who told entertainer Amy Hanaialii Gilliom….