Advertiser Weighs in on Big Island Mayoral Race – Higa at 2%

The Advertiser weighed in on the Big Island Mayoral Race today.

It mentioned that the Stephens Media Poll showed Higa only had 2% of the votes.

…Council member Stacy Higa, who is also in the race, garnered just 2 percent of the vote…

I would take the Stephens Media Polls, much more seriously then my little unofficial ones.

I guess I have more Higa fans reading my blog in percentage then to the people the Stephens Media people polled because my Unofficial Poll has the following for the Mayorals race so far:

Barrozo, Joseph 0% (0 votes)
feedback barHiga, Stacy K 4% (9 votes)
Inouye, Lorraine R 5% (12 votes)
Kenoi, William P 20% (45 votes)
Masilamoney, Sam 0% (0 votes)

feedback bar
Moore, Jasper M. 1% (3 votes)
Pilago, Angel K. 68% (152 votes)
Riley, Randell A. 2% (4 votes)
feedback bar
Total Votes: 225 so far

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