Looking at Past Harry Kim Vetoes

Hunter Bishop wrote up a blog about a pending signature for the PCDP plan I was thinking about writing about, but I’ll try and remain as optimistic as I can.

Harry Kim has always had the over ruling power to veto anything the council decides upon.  This is one reason why it’s so important to get a person in office such as Angel Pilago who understands the people of the islands and will actually listen to them.

Looking at some of the past Kim Vetoes we find:

…Mayor Harry Kim vetoed yesterday the $407.8 million county budget passed by the Hawaii County Council for fiscal year 2009, saying it is “not prudent” because revenues are overestimated….

Mayor Harry Kim vetoed the smoking ban bill Monday that would have outlawed smoking at county beach parks and recreational facilities…..

….Mayor Harry Kim vetoed an 83-acre commercial and residential project near Keahole Airport in Kona yesterday, saying a state highway cannot handle the traffic it would generate…

…Big Island Mayor Harry Kim has vetoed an animal control bill, saying it is vague and unenforceable….

I’m sure I’m missing some… and the council can go back and over ride the Mayor’s veto too (see smoking veto) so it’s really weird in a way.

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