Hawaii Contractors Beware… There is “Still Hope” to Avoid this Person

I’ve tried and tried to avoid having to do this… but there is a person moving here from San Diego who is moving to Seaview shortly.

Her Name is Nadya or Nadia.  She had her name posted on the introductions on Punaweb and then later took it down.  I later made mention of her name there and she cried to the moderator that I made mention of her name.  Cry to this sites moderator Nadia/Nadya ;)

She is constantly calling me a Troll on Punaweb and I’m quite sick of it.  (I sent an email to the administrator of the board about 2 weeks ago letting him know I was sick of her crap and I might eventually have to write this blog…yet she continues to post passive aggressive posts about me.)

I’m telling you all ahead of time to think twice when dealing with her.

You may find her very difficult to please.

I’ve really tried and tried to be kind to her… but she continues to attempt to insult me and “dis” me,  and I won’t take any more from her.

Just looking out for you all.  I know how it is to get a sucky customer that wants everything HER way, without understanding that things can’t always be done “her” way.

There is “Still Hope” that this poster will realize that burning bridges before she gets here and calling people like Tom Lackey a Troll when Lack actually helps elderly people out, will not help her efforts.   I doubt Lack will be wanting to help out some one who dishes on them so hard.

Think people before you burn your bridges before you even move here!

Then you won’t be “Still Hoping” to move here.

This person actually tried to tell Oahu realtors that I was a bad tenant after I had lived in the same place for nearly 9 years.

This person doesn’t know the difference between cinder, dirt and compost…. Although she likes to talk trash;)

3 Responses

  1. It needs to be told that this person and her 200 lbs dog have been living in our house rent free for two months while I finished her house. It needs to be told that her household expenses were zero during that time. It needs to be told that she still owes me the last draw on the house that was finished for a while now. She kept trashing my name on punaweb (without me knowing about it) until John Rabi (who knows me and knew of our situation) uncovered her dirt! “She disappeared” from the forum right away, but I hear she is back now trashing others. This POS should be sent to Siberia!

  2. Sometimes, does have a habit of rubbing people the wrong way! I don’t think it is intentional, but bristles go up on all sides, when statements pro or con are made. Damon, I do notice you have tried to meet her halfway, and offered good advice on topics she has posted and your posts are ignored, which is a little childish! Anyone who is moving to Hawaii, or thinking of moving here, and wants it to succeed. lose the attitude, or it’s not going to work out.

    Damon – Agreed… P.S. I got your updated version of this… but I like this one better so I’ll just leave it at this before the cobra strikes… I don’t edit my comments… but I will comment on them and filter a few of them

  3. still hope burns my cookies.. we don’t need her type here…. lets hope she “still” comes to her senses and stays where she belongs…i know i’m “hoping” for that

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