Marzi Honors Me With Sainthood? Or Maybe He is Calling Me an Omen? And a Reminder

Hey izraM –

Thanks for linking my blog…. but I’m no Saint Like Father Damien.

It’s Damon :)  Just playing, but Mahalo for linking my blog.


Or maybe he thinks I’m an Omen… as in Damien the Omen:

Honestly Mr. Marzi… You’re not the first to make that mistake here in Hawaii…. I’m always hearing that.

Oh Yeah… Reminder:

Hawaii Contractors Beware… There is “Still Hope” to Avoid this Person

I’ve tried and tried to avoid having to do this… but there is a person moving here from San Diego who is moving to Seaview shortly.

Her Name is Nadya or Nadia.  She had her name posted on the introductions on Punaweb and then later took it down.  I later made mention of her name there and she cried to the moderator that I made mention of her name.  Cry to this sites moderator Nadia/Nadya ;)

She is constantly calling me a Troll on Punaweb and I’m quite sick of it.  (I sent an email to the administrator of the board about 2 weeks ago letting him know I was sick of her crap and I might eventually have to write this blog…yet she continues to post passive aggressive posts about me.)

I’m telling you all ahead of time to think twice when dealing with her.

You may find her very difficult to please.

I’ve really tried and tried to be kind to her… but she continues to attempt to insult me and “dis” me,  and I won’t take any more from her.

Just looking out for you all.  I know how it is to get a sucky customer that wants everything HER way, without understanding that things can’t always be done “her” way.

There is “Still Hope” that this poster will realize that burning bridges before she gets here and calling people like Tom Lackey a Troll when Lack actually helps elderly people out, will not help her efforts.   I doubt Lack will be wanting to help out some one who dishes on them so hard.

Think people before you burn your bridges before you even move here!

Then you won’t be “Still Hoping” to move here.

This person actually tried to tell Oahu realtors that I was a bad tenant after I had lived in the same place for nearly 9 years.

This person doesn’t know the difference between cinder, dirt and compost…. Although she likes to talk trash;)

Vasquez-DelaCerna for Honolulu County Council District 7

I’ve added Auntie Pupule on my vote Links.

“Anyone can be better then Romy” …. is what I’ve often heard.

Good luck Auntie Pupule:

She might call herself Pupule… but she is no Bu la`ia.

New Film to Begin Filming on Big Island

Hat tip to Tim Ryan at Reel Hawaii:

The Japanese feature film titled Honokaa Boy will begin shooting on the Big Island for about five weeks in October through Nov. 10….Laura Bollinger of Big Island Casting is doing extras casting and some for speaking parts. The producers will cast about 15 parts…..Most of the filming will be in Honokaa, including seven days at the People’s Theater….

Dolphins Cut Former UH Running Back Reagan Mauia…I Guess Running Through Drywall is Much Easier then Defenses

The Dolphins have cut the, ‘Juggernaut,’ also known as second-year fullback Reagan Mauia Saturday, according to his agent Max Hannemann.

But what you might not have seen… is him running through a wall:


Today’s KO

Maybe I enroll my son in gymnastics afterall:


Looking at Past Harry Kim Vetoes

Hunter Bishop wrote up a blog about a pending signature for the PCDP plan I was thinking about writing about, but I’ll try and remain as optimistic as I can.

Harry Kim has always had the over ruling power to veto anything the council decides upon.  This is one reason why it’s so important to get a person in office such as Angel Pilago who understands the people of the islands and will actually listen to them.

Looking at some of the past Kim Vetoes we find:

…Mayor Harry Kim vetoed yesterday the $407.8 million county budget passed by the Hawaii County Council for fiscal year 2009, saying it is “not prudent” because revenues are overestimated….

Mayor Harry Kim vetoed the smoking ban bill Monday that would have outlawed smoking at county beach parks and recreational facilities…..

….Mayor Harry Kim vetoed an 83-acre commercial and residential project near Keahole Airport in Kona yesterday, saying a state highway cannot handle the traffic it would generate…

…Big Island Mayor Harry Kim has vetoed an animal control bill, saying it is vague and unenforceable….

I’m sure I’m missing some… and the council can go back and over ride the Mayor’s veto too (see smoking veto) so it’s really weird in a way.

Marzi Fundraiser

Just noticed that Anthony Marzi is having a fundraiser next weekend.

Here is his digital invite:

I would post other “invite to event” banners like this if candidates provided links to them.

Kauai Superferry Protestors (Kanalu K38) Begins Legal Proceedings Against the State of Hawaii

….Kanalu K38 have begun legal proceedings against the State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation. As you recall myself (Tom Pohaku Stone) and Darrick Doerner were issued citations for venture beyond the 2 mile limit set by the State and for enter and anchoring in Kaunakakai Harbor….

More here