John Akonipule Responds to Smear Question… My Dog Has Been Killed… and Other Paranoia

The Anonymous Mr. “Mr. Akonipule” responded to my question in an email.

I’ve forwarded the entire content of the email to a few people.

I’ll post a snippet here… most of the other stuff in the email was just copied and pasted from his site.

If anyone wants a copy of the entire email…. please email me.


….I have nothing to hide Mr. Tucker, other than my name and my safety.   I’ve shared my real name with local reporters at the tribune herald and west hawaii today.  Maybe that information was shared, and someone with access to government information or police information typed my name into a computer, I dont know.  The fact is that I have been threatened.  I receive at least 5 emails a day saying I wont live to see the next, or that someone is watching me, or that my brakes might not work the next time I’m driving.  In the last week I have found 4 threatening notes on my front door from individuals who claim they are going to kill my girlfriend and I… and to “sleep with one eye open”.  My dog has been killed.  The police say nothing can be done about the threats except calling them when we hear something. They say they have people patrolling the area…. but what safety assurances do I have?  We’ve been staying in various hotels and with friends for the past two weeks in fear that something will happen.  From day one we only wanted the truth.  The truth for Josh and Latika, and most of all the people of Hawaii.   Josh will be back here very soon to clear these things up.  Why do you think it is a smear? All we have done is publish facts that were hidden, and you call it a smear? How do you know I am not supporting Pilago, Inouye or Moore? Regarding Higa, I listened to him at the forums, and I think he has some substance, but not sure I can support some of his ideas. You are right, I DO NOT and WILL NOT SUPPORT KENOI….


Well to start off with their akonipule, you registered your site under false pretense… with a fake name and a childrens school as the address.

If it smells like a smear, looks like a smear, and talks like a smear by being anonymous…. then my take is that it is a smear.

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