My Reply to the Priceline Manager

I first mentioned of the Guaranteed Sun offer on Priceline here.

The General Manager of Priceline responded here.

I have now sent off the following letter for clarification on this matter as someone mentioned that the deal was for Kona and not Hilo.

Aloha Brian,

Thank you for the kind words about my blog.

It has been brought to my attention that the priceline deals that you are offering with this guarantee of sunshine in Hilo have a catch to it:

“Thanks for posting the deal, Damon. There is, of course, a rub. All flights involved in the Hilorain fall is measured at the airport connected to the package… the Kona airport! Hmmmph. The prices are fairly “reasonable” for these crazy times, so it is worth a look and –hey– it does rain in Kona…”

If this is true… then your offer about the Hilo trips may be a bit of false advertising.

Hilo and Kona are two seperate areas of the Big Island seperated by nearly 100 miles.

The climates are completely different.  Hilo…it rains all the time, Kona… its sunny all the time.

Can you please tell me where you calculate the Rainfall from?  Is it Hilo as advertised on your site…. or is it actually Kona?

Thank you,

Damon Tucker
Pahoa, Hawaii

I wonder what his response will be to this?

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