Local Short Film Scores: Wins Best Drama at L.A. Short Film Fest

The Hawaii-made movie “Chief” has won the honor of being the Best Drama at the L.A. Short Film Fest.

…Semu Fatutoa was once a highly ranked Samoan Chief. Technically, he still is; the tattoos shrouding his legs are immutable proof of the pain he endured to earn his title. But those tattoos cost him something else: His daughter, nine year old Aveolela, drowned in the ocean on the day Semu received the tattoos. Weakened by the grueling ceremony, he lacked the strength to swim out to save her. No one blamed him for her death, but Semu blamed the tattoos. Rather than assume his chiefly duties, he fled. Two years later and thousands of miles from home, Semu is the only cab driver in Honolulu with the rank of Chief….

You can see parts of it here:

Brett Wagner, the Producer of Chief, in a pretty hilarious interview with Andy BumataiĀ  (he comes in about 1 minute into the clip):


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