Honolulu Advertiser….Who Writes These Headlines:

I’ve always thought the Paper is slowly dieing off.  How is this latest piece of breaking news?  I’m assuming it’s just a press release sent off by the company.

I just noticed a breaking news item on the Honolulu Advertiser:

“Superferry Offering discounts on Local Ag Products”

Since when did the Superferry start selling local ag products?  And what is an Ag? ;)

Also I noticed inside the article:

Hawaii Superferry’s ship, the Alakai, is outfitted with onboard reefer plugs that allow refrigerated trucks to maintain the same temperature throughout the voyage, a feature that helps produce maintain a longer shelf life.

What’s a Reefer Plug?

Don’t they mean outlets?


2 Responses

  1. Couple of good questions Damon. Assumptions of this story should be questioned. Their commercial rates were higher and had a fuel surcharge anyway. One would have to price it to the individual situation, but my guess is this just makes them at best competitive with Aloha Cargo. They have to offer something like this because the rest of their passenger business will be in decline in the Fall and Winter. Unlikely there will be much cost savings to the growers relative to Young Brothers and Aloha, and even less likely that any cost savings will be passed on to the consumer. Aloha, Brad

    Damon – Hey Brad, just checked out your blog…. Guess your pro superferry huh? j/k.

  2. A reefer unit is a refridgerated trailer and a reefer plug, I will guess, allows the system to be cooled in a long voyagewithout the accessories of the semi.

    Damon – I was just poking fun at the advertiser.

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