Candidate Safarik Response to Highway 130 Question

Short term solution would be to assign a police officer to direct traffic at
the intersections of  Paradise/Hwy 130Orchidland Dr./Hwy 130,  Kaloi/Hwy 130
and Shower/Hwy 130 during peak traffic hours..example, 6am to 8am.
Afternoon traffic I would assign an officer to the “merge” area on the
bypass road near the transfer station.

Mid level solution:  Traffic control signals at the intersections of Ainaloa
Blvd and Hwy 130, Orchidland Drive and Hwy 130 and Shower drive and the Hwy.
Also provide for safe bus stops along the hwy so buses could pull over to
the bus stop shoulder and not block Hwy during loading and unloading of

Long term :  Alternate route starting at Shower drive and proceeding into

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