KPAG Acronym FYI

You may here me and others using the acronym KPAG now and then in the next few years.

This acronym stands for:

Kea’au-Pahoa Advisory Group

2 Responses

  1. Well it’s not exactly the same… ;)

    First time on the committee for me… and I probably won’t be selected for any in the future either.

  2. we have noticed that this advisory committee picked by the state is the exact same group picked by Bob Jacobson and his secretary, Barbra Liviely, Really let Oahu (famous for it’s mismanagement of roads)developers, Realtors, .? decide this? Examine your first attempt of creating an alternative route., We have an illegal, not to code highway from Ainaloa through Moho Road. A environmental disaster through a flood zone with LSD’s, no side walks 19.000 commercial vehicles. Our residents are no longer able to drive out , waiting in line for left turns at Ainloa and hwy 11 at Kuauli. That was eminent domain . NOW the worst accident site on the hwy. Connectivity voted against condemns most of the property here,. What happened to Rail Road Avenue? that was the proposal voted on in every subdivision except HPP. No mention of widening the hwy, beyond Ainaloa where all the population will be in the future. Stop pretending to be a community based group.

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