Is the Hawaii Advisory Board for H-130 Just a Pawn for the State?

I received an email this morning that stated the following:

….The history of DOT taking community input is one of frustration.  They
are required to take input by the courts… they are not required to
listen to it
So there is potential for the panel members to be fodder
for someone’s grant fulfillment project

I hope those of us sitting on this task force will stand up to the State for the benefit of Puna’s future and not the States future.

Did anyone notice how many times the “State People” mentioned that “you all are such an easy group to work with?”  Is this because we just sat on our hands and let them push us around?

Did anyone notice that they aren’t even taking public testimony for a few more months?

I would think public testimony on this project would happen at the beginning?

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