Highway 130 Meeting Tonight

There is a Highway 130 Meeting tonight for the Advisory Task Force that I’ve been selected to be on.

I think the meeting tonight is just going to be doing some basic logistical stuff like meeting the other members and planning a calendar of action.

Nothing has been said about it in the papers or the letter I received about it being a public meeting.

But with the amount of taxes being spent on this, I would hope that the public would be invited.

It starts at 6:00 pm at the Pahoa Community Center.

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  1. Damon:
    I’m glad you spoke out at the meeting – keep it up. I’d like to link to your site for friends to read another pov on this project (whatever it turns out to be). It is mind boggling that the planning process will cost $900K!

    This should be public knowledge.

    Damon – I can’t believe they wanted us to keep things confidential from the MEDIA? Glad we squashed that part of the charter…. $900,000 is just the beginning…it’s the 56 Million that blew my mind for actual construction

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