Candidate Marzi Response to Highway 130 Project

The traffic problems on Highway 130 are multifaceted and should be addressed with simple, quickly implemented solutions that are directed towards a greater long-term goal.

The goal of a short-term solution is to reduce the amount of people on Highway 130 at any given hour. We may work with county and state offices, along with the University system to alter our usage patterns by introducing a staggered work hour program. We must also implement comprehensive mass transportation system that includes park & ride lots and para-transit vans.

About a year ago Tim Reese and I had an idea to address a solution for the Keaau-Bypass bottleneck issue through a video presentation. Recently, we have made headway with this project with Lance Garner and the Keaau Youth Business Center. Solutions such as these provide inexpensive short-time solutions, while empowering the youth and showing them that they have a meaningful voice in government.

The long term goal is to provide multiple ingress and egress routes out of Puna and shift economic activity away from Hilo and towards Puna. Multiple routes will not only ease congestion on Highway 130, but they will enhance our emergency evacuation capabilities. This goes beyond just convenience and travel time; it is public safety and desperately needs to be addressed.

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  1. Anthony Marzi is refreshing, intelligent, and sincere. I’m not surprised to see a well-thought and realistic plan coming from him. If only the same could be said of the other candidates…

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