Plastic Bags and Pakalolo: Final Results

I’m taking down the Plastic Bag Poll as well as the Pakalolo Poll from the Unofficial Poll at the top of this site since both polls have closed. Results can be seen below.

I’ll leave them up here if anyone wants to reflect back on them.

[polldaddy poll=”852692″]

[polldaddy poll=”854570″]

One Response

  1. The plastic bag result is surprising. I know this is hardly a scientific poll, but either the public at large really does realize the problems with plastic shopping bags, or the average Damon Tucker reader is better educated on this issue.

    On the other hand the Pakalolo result does not surprise me at all.

    Damon – You would be surprised at the knowledge that many of my viewers have. With 400 page views a day… there has to be at least one smart person reading this…. besides you;)

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