Leslie Lang “…I don’t know how you do it….”

I’ve linked Leslie Lang’s blog to my site from the very first day I started my blog.

I emailed her complimenting her on her online work here on the Big Island and she sent me a nice quote that coming from a paid journalist…makes me feel pretty damn good.

I don’t know how you do it

That is one question I have been asked over and over. I have to give credit to a strong wife that works hard while I find employment here on the Big Island, as well as a strong family support system that takes care of Ohana when times are down.

I left a job with the Department of Education on Oahu to come home and be with my Ohana. Saved up enough money to hold me over for a little awhile and have been begging my mom for tidbits here and there.

To me… it’s more important to be with Ohana then to live a big city lifestyle.

It sucks to be unemployed now…. but I’ll find a job and have leads that hopefully will pan out down the road. I thought I’d be working again with the DOE again by now…but the money is tight and I haven’t been called back to work in a different position yet.

Until then…. I’ll just keep blogging away and enjoying my time catching up with my son who I spent almost 3 years away from besides visits.

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