…And, we just don’t have time to waste.

Richard Ha wrote about the Thirty Meter Telescope Project in his blog yesterday entitled “Kanaka Council“. He mentions that he has been meeting with the council about the Project and:

….I have to say, I am very comfortable around them. I know that I can come and go as I please. And the feeling is mutual….

I wrote a comment on his blog about how I thought it would be a tough sell to the Hawaiian Community.

His reply:

I know it’s a hard sell. But it’s no longer about us. It’s about future generations. My problem is that since I went to the Peak Oil conference, I am aware that oil will run out sooner than later and we are not prepared now to feed all the people in Hawaii. I think we need time to transition. I think that the TMT gives us more time. And, if we do this right, we can benefit future generations through education. The world has changed. And, we just don’t have time to waste.

I believe in what Richard has done for the Islands and what he continues to do. I haven’t really thought that much about the TMT project.

I do think we need to proceed with caution and take what we do with Mauna Kea seriously.

I’ve always believed the biggest invasive specie Hawaii has always had was “Concrete”.

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