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Candidate Fogel Response to Highway 130 Question

The best way to reduce traffic problems on Hwy 130 is to widen it to accommodate a higher vehicle flow. A project to do just that is in the mill. However, don’t expect any widening efforts any time soon.

Several months ago, Tim Reese made a proposal to the County Council to restripe the Keaau bypass portion to alleviate the afternoon bottle neck where the road narrows to two lanes. It’s a good idea that is easy to implement and inexpensive. But wait just a minute. According to a county traffic engineer, the road belongs to the state, so the county can’t do anything (and we aren’t very high on the state’s priority list.) It would seem to me that the appropriate county boss could talk to the appropriate state boss and get permission to do the work on our dime. If not, just tell them we’re going to do it, and do it.
On the other side of the equation, reducing the number of vehicles using Hwy 130 would also improve traffic flow. Several alternatives work towards this end: (1) improve bicycle access. (2) improve public transportation. (3) impose a $5 a gallon county tax on gasoline. (4) implement vehicle smog checks. (5) cite vehicles in violation of current safety standards. (6) quadruple vehicle registration fees for additional family vehicles. (7) impound vehicles for the second drunk driving offense. (8) increase employment opportunities in the Puna area. Of course, some of these might meet with a little public opposition… ;~)

Fred Fogel

*edit* Damon – I copied and pasted his response from Yahoo…and thus you get the funny face for the #8 response… Sorry Mr. Fogel

2 Responses

  1. Tongue in cheek on the $5/gal gas tax on the BI! (But you must admit, $10 a gallon gas would definitely reduce the number of cars on the roads…)

  2. $5 a gallon tax???? I can only hope that he meant 5 cents a gallon!!!

    Damon – Interesting last name Su ;)

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