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Bishop 1…. Grabel Believable?… Kenoi Story Continued

Yesterday, Hunter Bishops blog mentions a phone call that Bishop and alleged assault victim Joshua Grabel had. (Grabel is serving overseas in Germany right now)

Bishop reports:

…”Grabel said he, his wife and at least two of his friends made statements to police that night but were never called again regarding the incident. Grabel could only tell me the full name of one, however, a Big Island firefighter who he didn’t know how to contact. When I found the firefighter and talked to him on Sunday, he denied being a witness to the events in the bar….

A response by Joshua Grabel in his comments that I read this morning:

“….I stopped believing in imaginary friends when I was 6. So please spare me…..”

I myself would have to say I tend to believe Bishop’s reporting of the phone call as well as what he reported about the fireman not being a witness to the incident.

I respect all soldiers who are serving our country, however, I do know that they tend to get a bit excitable at times…. and often over exagerate things in the “heat of battle”.

3 Responses

  1. The Akamai Voter site is now using Paul De Silva’s comments above on his website.

    Akamai… give it up… after the elections… what are you going to post about?

    Nice that you give credit to the tribune but you don’t post the link to my blog? Is this because I have discredited you from the beginning?

    Were on to you buddy, and when we do find out who you are… I will be posting your name for all of those to see who this anonymous Akonipule character is.

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