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    August 2008
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Notes From the District 5 Forum

The forum was well attended.

Stocksdale arrived on “Hawaii time”.

Funniest moment for me, was right as the first question was being asked…. Naeole excused herself and told the audience “Kalamai” and went off to the bathroom for a minute. The look on the other candidates faces was priceless and I wish I could have gotten a picture of it. I wondered if the nervousness got the best of her?

Another funny moment: Each candidate was asked to say what was the biggest invasive species. The whole room had a good laugh when Mr. Gumapac said the Superferry was the biggest Invasive Specie.

Candidates were all given questions ahead of time…. yet, some still had troubles answering the questions directly.

My overall ratings of the candidates performances:

1. Siracusa and the Community

1. Gumapac

2. Joseph

3. Safarik

4. Naeole

5. Stocksdale

All 5 candidates stayed past 8:00 to answer questions from the audience. I was able to ask Gumapac about short term and long term solutions for the congestion on H130. (Audience members were only allowed to ask one question to one candidate… I wish I could have asked it to all of them…. but based on the poll that I have been running on this site…. Candidate Gumapac is leading in the race on my poll so I directed my question to him… Mr. Joseph did mutter that he wished I would have asked that question to him)

Gumapacs general response was we need more buses going in and out of town (He emphasized that these buses should be Hydrogen fueled). He also mentioned Park and Ride lots for carpooling with security guards that would watch the lots during work days.

In general, I liked his response to the question I asked.

Gumapac, the progressive thinker that he is… also mentioned a possible light rail in the future such as Oahu is thinking about now. I don’t know if a rail system would really work though, because Hilo is so spread out. How would people get around in Hilo once they got there?

He is very against a four way highway.

I’m sure Hunter will be able to report more when he is able to, as I saw him there. If you haven’t read Hunters post today regarding the Kenoi story… I myself would call this one of the best blog postings ever for the Big Island…. talk about a committed blogger.

I’d just like to say “Mahalo” to all the candidates as well as Rene Siracusa for putting this forum on and making yourselves available to us residents of Puna.

And to the candidate that said they liked my blog…. well thanks :) <blush>

I thought all the candidates were very polite to each other and the forum was run very well.

Nope… No pencils went flying… No Barstools… No Terroristic Threatening/Harassment and no Headbutts ;)

Ms. Siracusa mentioned at the beginning that they are hoping to get the footage aired on Local Community TV… However, I looked over and noticed the Battery icon flashing on the display… when I mentioned it to the lady that was watching the kids running the camera…. she said… “I know… It’s not recording right now.” :(

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