Big Island Video News… The Blog

I have always believed that a picture is worth a thousand words… But I truly believe video footage of an actual event is worth MILLIONS.

Recently, Big Island resident, David Corrigan, has started a site that is a must view for internet junkies like me looking for recent videos of Big Island issues.

I’ve added his link to my blogroll.

David is doing something that the Big Island has needed for quite some time. I hope I’m able to work with him in the future on some projects.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out his site, I highly recommend that you do.

Open Challenge/Dare to “Akamai”


You state on your website the following:

“Akamaivoters” has received a little over 40 emails from people claiming that Hunter Bishop has never posted their comments.

Yet you only post one email that has nothing to do with Hunters blog.

I challenge you to post some of those emails and the names of those that are saying that they can’t post on Hunters Blog.

I’ve recently stopped a few people from posting their crap on my site as well.

I don’t blame Hunter for moderating his blog… I’ve had so much stuff thrown at my blog that is really not even related to the post that people are trying to respond to…etc.

Or are you just full of hot air?

What Would You Do to This Dog?

I wrote a post on Punaweb that generated quite a bit of interest. I thought I’d put a poll here on this site to see what other people would have done. Feel free to add your own comments to the poll.

This guy went out for a ride with his child here in Puna and you can watch the video to see what happens:


[polldaddy poll=”862080″]

Akamaivoter Wants Hunters Attention

Ok so we all know that this akamaivoter website is run by an anonymous dude… but now he is posting crap on there directed personally at a friend.

I’ll just put the website out there… I don’t think anything is worth posting on my blog, but it shows you the personality behind the akamaivoter website.

If this lowlife would ever come out of the closet and at least explain who he is and why he has brought this website out of nowhere, he might have a little more credibility.

And something that just caught my eye on this site:

… maybe changing shortly to…

The sites not registerd yet… I wonder what anonymous person will be registering this one.   I also wonder if they are changing names to get the Desha Street Address off the registry as well as the phone number that a person can contact akamai at?

Hawaiian Kingdom Embassy Opens In New York

How interesting that they would open an Embassy in New York;)

I can’t make this stuff up.


American Idols Camille Velasco’s Youtube Channel

For those of you who really dug Maui Girl Camille Velasco, and have wondered what she’s been up to, it looks like she taken to youtube to get her songs out there.


How to Improve the Olympics

Drop Equestrian Sports where they dress up and look like fools:

And add Mixed Martial Arts!

Guarantee the television networks would get ratings.

Can you imagine the top fighters from around the world coming together for an Olympic tournament :)

Words From the Palace Takeover




Why is So Much Money Spent from Contingency Relief Funds on Grad Parties?

I’m reading Council Lady Naeole’s spending reports from her contingency relief funds and I come across this on the second page.

Resolution 534-07 21-Feb-08 Liquor Pahoa HS Grad Night $7,000

Do we as tax payers want our council members spending our tax dollars on Liquor, less yet on a High School Graduation?

*update* I’m looking at Higa’s report and his states that he spent $5,000 on Liquor Control between Hilo High and Waiakea High.

I’m wondering if that’s what Naeole’s report should have stated?????? I sure hope so.


Geez at looking at many of the council members reports a lot of them spent cash on Liquor or Liquor control???

Seems rather unfair that only selected schools get this money.

I’d rather see this money spent on something a bit more practical… like air conditioners ;)

Group Hug in Honolulu Advertiser

I wrote about the guiness attempt at breaking a group hug the other day.

The Advertiser has more on it today.


Well it’s now front page headlines in today’s tribune herald.

How interesting that what I wrote about here a few days ago is now being called a “Smear” by Kenoi himself.

Also Interesting that “Akonipule” claims his dog has been poisoned… yet he says he wants to remain anonymous. Why he thinks his dog was poisoned by someone in the Kenoi camp is just a ridiculous claim.

“Akonipule” admits to being friends with the people who were allegedly assaulted by Kenoi at Shooters.

What did I stir up? ;)

Honestly folks… I’m not in on it as someone has asked me.


…”I have never been a political person before,” said “John Akonipule,” who acknowledged that is not his real name. “But I could not just sit by and watch somebody who attacked friends of mine lie about it, run for office and become mayor of Hawaii County…..”

“Akonipule” said that packets were also delivered to Mayor Harry Kim and all council members, including mayoral candidates Angel Pilago and Stacy Higa. He added that state Sen. Lorraine Inouye, the candidate closest to Kenoi in the polls, was sent an e-mail with a link to the Web site.

Interesting that he would mail them to Kenoi’s opponents ;)

Also interesting that my blog has taken off on hits ever since I posted the initial write up;)