A Letter from Candidate Marzi

Aloha Damon:

As a concerned voter and active member of the community I am curious to hear your assessment of the House Candidates. Also, if you have any constructive commentary about my candidacy I would be happy to hear it as well. My goal is to bring customer service to government.


Aloha Anthony,

As you know, my wife is related to your opponent. I think she has done a wonderful job during her freshmen term at the legislature. She has surprised me with her actions w/in committee meetings and the way she has voted throughout the legislature. She seems to have put Puna at the top of her agenda while still learning the legislative process.

Will I vote for her? I don’t know.

I do like the way that you have made yourself available to those that ask.

Just a Personal Note on Lorraine Inouye

I have yet to decide my vote on anyone for mayor. I’m thinking of pulling Pilago, I just don’t know.

However, I know that Lorraine Inouye is a great person personally.

When my mom was having heart surgery up on Oahu a few years ago, my mom forgot her address planner at her house about 8 miles away from the airport.

My mom contacted Lorraine from her hospital bed on Oahu and Lorraine personally went to my mom’s house, out of her way to the airport, and picked up my mom’s address book from her house. She then personally delivered that address book to Queens Hospital and dropped it off with my Uncle… Despite the fact that she had legislative stuff to take care at the capitol that day when she got off the plane.

For this, I will always say…  Mahalo Lorraine.

Moral of this story… is that no matter how tight many people are to many politicians here…. the vote is still wide open. I like Pilago’s views on things, although Lorraine personally did something out of her way for my mother.

Why I express this story here on my blog…

I don’t want anyone in particular to think I’m behind one person or another…. and I’m not here to try and convince anyone to vote my way. It would be nice if everyone got out and voted period.

Junk and Roz Finally Meet Up

Some of you may have seen the Junk link on my blogroll, they are about 80% of the way to Hawaii now.

An incredible event happened today when Roz Savage and the Junk were actually able to meet up.

Savage herself is doing an incredible mission by attempting to cross the entire Pacific Ocean by rowing from California to Australia… (with of course a stop in Hawaii I would assume)

I just think it’s totally cool that these two boats that are trying to raise awareness of environmental issues… finally met up.

Kenoi Smear Follow-Up

Hunter Bishop has a good follow up to the smear that I wrote about earlier.

There always seems to be two sides of every story.  It appears the smear site doesn’t address all of the facts of the case.

I still stand by my feelings that I believe the malicious website was an attempt at a smear.

Big Island Weekly’s Kristine Kubat “Smears” Local Blogger Hunter Bishop

In todays Big Island Weekly, writer Kristine Kubat does no justice to local bloggers by misleading her readers by thinking that Hunter Bishops Personal Blog is some sort of Newspaper.   *Edit* Maybe Mrs. Kubat forgot that Hunter is no longer working for a paper that I know of.

Kubat’s article starts off wrong by saying:

My initial encounter with what timid media folk are dismissing as a smear against Billy Kenoi…

I believe this is incorrect. Can someone please show me someone employed by the “Media” that has mentioned anything about a “smear”?

And then she goes on to say: Bishop’s comments in his editorial???

Can someone please show me this “Editorial”?

He isn’t getting paid to write about his feelings. When will people understand that a personal blog is not the freaking Media people? We have the right to say what the FUCK heck we want.
Kubat on the other hand… well she got paid for that article ;) Go figure….

Anyone like give a braddah a dollar?

Highway 130 Intersection Poll

Here is a map of Highway 130. You can use the the arrow keys to zoom in/out and move along to different parts of the Highway 130.

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Keaau-Pahoa+Rd.&sll=19.519913,-154.950142&sspn=0.037456,0.084629&ie=UTF8&ll=19.59699,-154.972801&spn=0.149783,0.338516&z=12&iwloc=addr&output=embed&s=AARTsJrpxdgPHN7wvsHaq1QxOI3XBUa7SQ&w=425&h=350]

I’m going to use the data collected here to try and figure out which intersections are of most concern to Puna residents.

You may vote for as many intersections as you would like

*update* The Malama Intersection is the Keaau-Pahoa interestection listed in the poll.

[polldaddy poll=”855960″]

Wife of John Lennon Slayer Still Lives in Hawaii

Many of us already knew that the slayer of John Lennon, Mark David Chapman, came from Hawaii. However, I just learned that his wife still lives here and has been enjoying conjugal visits with her Husband at an upstate Attica prison for 16 years.

Gloria Hiroko Chapman Shortly After Her Husband is Convicted of Killing Beattles Legend John Lennon

Gloria Hiroko Chapman Shortly After Her Husband is Convicted of Killing Beattles Legend John Lennon