Department of Public Safety (Police?) Using Digital Aerial Photography

Big Brother is watching us:

The Kaua‘i County Council yesterday unanimously approved the release of more than $5 million in state funds to upgrade the county’s public safety systems for the next generation…..
….To meet the needs of tomorrow, Knutzen said, the county needs digital aerial photography; next generation CAD and RMS procurement, training and implementation; and full integration and interoperability with RMS, GIS and mobile data terminals with field reporting……..
….The Big Island, Knutzen said, has already started with its flyovers for digital aerial photography.

What I’m assuming this technology can do… Is zoom in very close while recording MPGs Video clips that can be examined at a later time.

And to think… Mom used to lay out and get a sun tan all over ;)

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  1. They “say” these photos will be used for zoning/buildings and firefighter rescue operations, yeah right! They wouldn’t spend the money for that, its for the police to use, search without the owner’s permission, a warrant or probable cause. What they need to do is quit wasting my tax money.

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